Barbara Lee Miley

barbara mileyBarbara Lee Miley (Vaughan)

Born May 25, 1951 Died October 12, 2014 after battling a long illness. She was born in Bay City Michigan, lived in Ann Arbor and moved to New Hope Alabama, where she retired from the Chrysler Motor Corporation Group, after 32 years of service in 2007. During her life people knew her as a strong, independent woman. Her story telling and humor was one of her best gifts. Her cleverness and sharp wit will be missed. Those who knew her well, knew her to be stubborn and tenacious , but also her surprising generosity to help others and her strength to stand up for things she believed in. During her 63 years on this earth she was able to share gems of real world wisdom from personal experiences. Her love for history, animals and practical jokes will be remembered.

She is survived by her daughters; Deanna Lynn (Manuel) Sanchez, Robin Lucile (Eric) Smith, Holly Jean Miley, Heather Marie Miley (Fred), and Becky Ann (Adam) Gulley. She also leaves behind thirteen grandchildren, five great grandchildren, five siblings, and six nieces and nephews. Barbara is preceded in death by her mother, Janette Vaughan, whom she has missed dearly, for many years.

Barbara has left us with many lessons on life, including standing your ground and to not do for others expecting to be rewarded for it, but do it because you think it is right to do. She lived life as she saw fit without pretense or worrying what others thought.

Visitation will be Thursday 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM at New Hope Funeral Home. Services will be held at New Hope Funeral Home Chapel, Friday at 11:00 AM.



2 thoughts on “Barbara Lee Miley

  1. To my Sister Bobby, It’s been a long hard road since Mom died, But threw the years we all stayed close together as best we could…You in Alabama, Sandy in Ohio, and the rest of us Michigan.. Most every year you travled up here to Michigan to see your Girls and Me, I truely will miss Every Thing About You, The good times and the story’s you shared.. You were One of a Kind, no doubt about that, and look at all the Children,, and even Grand children with children you Created,, Bobby, my God, you have left a whole bunch of MILEY’S to carry on your Spirt and Love, and Wisdom for a life time…You’ve done your self PROUD, I would have been there at your Funeral but I just could’nt bring myself to say Good By in Person,, O I know you would have been there come Hell or High Water for ME, but I just could’nt see you like this, I’am Sorry.. What they wrote about you is You to a TEE,, This is WHO YOU TRUELY WERE, and I’am proud to say YOU ARE MY SISTER BOBBY, I LOVE YOU< I'LL MISS YOU FOREVER AND EVER< as I carry a deep whole in my Heart for you, Thank YOU for DUFFY< he'll be with you soon, thak care of him for me, I'll be along some day to join you TOO !!!!! REST IN PEACE ALL MY LOVE ( BO )

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