David Wayne Dean

david deanOctober 6, 1972 – August 19, 2014

David Wayne Dean , 41, of Owens Cross Roads, passed away Tuesday.

He was preceded in death by father, Keitha Stanley Dean, and mother, Linda Landsford Dean

Surviving are wife, Rhiannon Dean, and daughter, Devin Dean.

Memorial service will be held at Owens Cross Roads Church of God, Monday at 6:00 PM.



15 thoughts on “David Wayne Dean

  1. Although I didn’t know you I knew your wife and how well she spoke of you!I could tell by pictures how much you both loved each other! May you find your peace in heaven! Prayers for his wife Rhiannon as she has to live on with out her husband and his small daughter.

  2. David we love you man and will always miss you.You were my brother man and my back up when I needed it most. And remember “You do good baby”!

  3. Can’t believe you’re gone. I’m gonna miss you like crazy hell. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. May God keep you safe in His arms.

  4. He needed help.It was obvious!I pray he is in heaven happy and peaceful. David was a good person and will be missed!

    • He did need help. How very sad that he had to endure the emotional pain he was going thru alone. I really wish I could’ve been there for him to confide in.

  5. I will always value our friendship. I will always be grateful to you for leading my dad’s funeral procession while you were an officer, even though it wasn’t your jurisdiction or day to work. I will always be thankful for the times you were there for me when I wanted to talk about him and his death. You never turned me away when I needed you. Even though the last few weeks were tougher for you than any of us truly knew, I am happy that you were making positive changes, happy you found God, and happy that the last several months with your wife were great times for you, I could see it in your smile. I’m so very happy that I got to see you on August 5 for the first time in a long time. And I’m happiest that Devin came to visit you on August 7 and you messaged me saying “today is amazing …my daughter is here!” You were loved by many people, so many more than you even realized. I will always wonder what more I could’ve done to help you. I will forever miss you my friend! Rest in peace.

  6. 25 years I have known you. That is about half my life. We had some of the best times of our lives all of us, our group going out and painting the town red every weekend for a few years. Don’t know how we got home safe every night. Must have had Angels watching over us, keeping us safe until we were home. I will always have the memory you playing your guitar in your bedroom. I will never forget what a wonderful friend you were. I love you always David. Good luck on your new journey into the next life.

  7. David and I shared many good memories and some bad ones while working together. We always joked around and tried to find the humor in everything. When I think of David I’m a little sad, but smile because we laughed and made fun of each other so much.. I can also say he’s one of the best police officers I’ve ever worked with. There was never a situation when David didn’t have my back. I know many people tried to help David over the years and people cared about him, but sometimes there’s just nothing anyone can say or do to change what is and what’s gonna be.

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