Charles B. Tunstill

charles tunstillSeptember 21, 1944 – December 24, 2013

Charles B. Tunstill , 69, of New Hope, passed away Tuesday.

He was preceded in death by father, Lawson Tunstill, mother, Edith Turner, wife, Penny L. Tunstill, son, Timothy J. Tunstill, brother, Jack Tunstill.

Surviving are daughter, Angie (David) Lyle, daughter, Regina (Tracy) Tunstill, son, Jesse (Donna) Tunstill, grandchildren, Justin, Alexis, Emily, Christopher, Shawn, Ryan, Juanita, Matt,, Hannah and Savannah, brother, Jimmy (Carol) Tunstill, sister, Rose (Charles) Blakely, aunt, Mary Woody, sister-in-law, Cheryl Houck, sister-in-law, Mickey Tunstill, brother-in-law, Duke (Diane) Roberts, uncle, David Gaines, and several nieces & nephews.

Visitation will be Sunday 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM at New Hope Funeral Home. Services will be held at New Hope Funeral Home, Monday at 11:00 am.

Interment will be in the Fowlkes Cemetery.


2 thoughts on “Charles B. Tunstill

  1. Charlie Tunstill was an amazing man in his own right. I loved to sit around and hear his stories from the past. He truly enjoyed yanking my chain, but that’s how I knew he liked me. We were just talking about ol’ Charlie the night he passed. He always wanted to come across as a strong man, but it looked like on the surface that he was just stubborn & crotchety, whereas it was mainly because he was just straight-forward and direct. If you wanted an honest opinion, you’d get it from Charlie, whether you liked it or not. In many ways, he was like a father figure to me. I know when I was growing up with Angie & Gina, I had the fear of God in me just as if I was one of his kids. I was a pretty good gal just because I didn’t want Charlie on my case; I was more worried about him than my grandparents. He and Penny made me feel like part of the family and that was a nice feeling for me when I was a kid. He contacted me a few days before he passed. He was giving Steven and me a hard time about not camping anymore. What I didn’t know at the time is I think it was his way of saying good-bye. Charlie can never be described as mushy or sensitive; it wasn’t in his nature. But he was that kind of person if you just watched and listened really carefully. He loved his kids and grandkids very much. He always remained a free-spirit and never seemed to ever let life belittle him. What you saw was what you got. Just Charlie – nothing more, nothing less. He will be missed dearly by many. I know I will miss him.

  2. Charles you were, and still are loved by so many. You’ve been a rock for a lot of people and a wonderfully strong example and influence for all. You will be missed so very much, but you I know are so very happy right now. You are with your Heavenly Father and your earthly soul mate “Penny”., The Lord used you to influence many and now he was ready for you to come home and reap your many rewards.

    We will see you again, so this is not a goodbye, it’s a “see ya soon!”
    May Gods love and his strong, loving wide spread arms wrap around the family and give them a secure hold. May Jesus consume their spirits with HIS peace, love and joy amidst this time of hardship and grief. Call upon HIM and HE will give you peace and strength for all times.
    I love you all, and are in my many thoughts and prayers.

    Cindy Gareri

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